We have held countless open and internal Flow Assurance courses, including for Statoil, SPT Group (now Schlumberger), Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, PetroVietnam University, and National University of Singapore. The courses cover both theoretical and practical aspects with many real-life examples, and they are generally adapted to the participants’ backgrounds. All courses include at least some simulation exercises with various types of specialized software, and most also utilize more general simulation packages like OLGA,  LedaFlow® or FlowlinePro.

Flow Assurance Engineering

Our engineering services now mostly focuses on Flow Assurance consulting and engineering. We excel in unconventional challenges where existing technology or software tools cannot be applied directly. The more traditional projects focus on well and flowline simulations for operating envelope definition to control wax, hydrates, sand deposition, gel, slugging, asphaltene and erosion.

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Our self-developed software:
  • The FlowRegimeEngine calculates frictions, volume fractions and flow regimes for two- and three-phase pipe flow. It is used as a building-block in third-party software for multiphase flow assurance simulations. This is our flagship software, used by experts around the world. It utilizes a unique combination of dimensional analysis, mechanistic theory and Neural Networks. This has made it possible to take advantage of a very wide range of scientific knowledge, including laboratory measurements, lots of diverse but hard-to-combine publications on multiphase flow, as well as techniques developed for the fast advancing "artificial intelligence" field. Click here for further details.
  • The FlowPatternAnalyzer is a tool for visualizing velocities, volume fractions, mass fractions, frictional and hydrostatic pressure losses, forces on each phase, and the flow regimes. You can read more about this new type of tool here.
  • FlowlinePro is used to simulate both steady-state and transient multiphase flow. It is powered by the FlowRegimeEngine, and uses the full conservation equations both for two- and three-phase flow. A single-phase version for pure liquid or pure gas is also available for those who do not need multiphase capabilities. Read more about it here.
  • The ErosionAnalyzer is used to predict erosion in pipes and bends, see here.
  • The program DropDep is a somewhat more experimental program for specialized steady-state simulation of vertical annular flow. As shown in chapter 6, Pipe Flow 2, it is better theoretically founded and calculates more details than other comparable programs. DropDep has been helpful in some projects with unusual design requirements, not least in providing training data for the FlowRegimeEngine.