Alberta Research Council Laboratory with multiphase flow loop and activities regarding wax deposition, multiphase measurement and other flow assurance subjects.
Applied Flow Technology Develops well designed, modularized steady-state and transient software.
AspenTech Develops and markets a large assortment of flow assurance software, including HYSYS Pipe Segment (steady-state multiphase), HYSYS PIPESYS (steady-state multiphase), ProFES Transient (transient multiphase, no longer marketed), and Apsen Traflow (transient mulitphase).
Atmos International Involved in all sorts of single-phase pipeline flow calculations.
BHR Group An independent group of technology companies involved process technology and fluid dynamics. Their Multiphase Production Technology conferences offer interesting presentations on pipe flow assurance.
Bradley B. Bean, PE Develops GASWorkS, one of the many cheap off-the-shelf single-phase steady-state gas networks simulators.
Clarkson University The Department of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering is involved in multiphase flow.
Cranfield University This British university has both single- and multiphase laboratory facilities.
Curtin University The Curtin Woodside Research Facility has activities on multiphase pipe flow.
Delft University of Technology Dutch university with several activities on pipe flow, including multiphase flow.
Energy Solutions Develops the single-phase simulation program PipelineStudio with an extensive collection of software modules for design, analysis and optimization and forecasting oil and gas networks.
Flite Software Develops the single-phase simulation software FLuidFlow3, for gas and liquid simulations.
Flowmaster Ltd Develops the Flowmaster liquid and gas single-phase simulator.
FMC Technologies Their Flow Assurance Competence Center provides flow assurance studies and analyses for subsea production and processing systems from early phase to operation. They also own and develops FlowManager, a real-time multiphase metering and flow analysis system for oil and gas production.
GL Noble Denton Develops and markets the popular Stoner Pipeline Simulator for single-phase transient liquid and gas flow, and they are involved in various flow assurance activities.
Gregg Engineering Simulation and optimization software FlowDesk, as well as services for the pipeline industry.
ife Laboratories and research groups studying multiphase flow. They have cooperated with SPTGroup for many years.
ifp Developers of the multiphase transient pipe flow simulators TACITE and TINA. Their research and training center possesses a lot of tools and expertise in the field of flow assurance.
Imperial College The Mechanical Engineering department studies multiphase flow, mostly for combustion processes, but also pipe flow.
Innovyze Specializes in various types of water and wastewater pipeline calculations and markets many software-tools for that purpose.
Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies Owns LedaFlow, a promising new flow assurance simulation tool.
Knowledge Reservoir, L.P. Knowledge management, pipeline simulation and flow assurance consulting.
Liwacom Develops the gas pipeline system software SIMONE.
Memorial University of Newfoundland Their Mechanical Engineering Department has a multiphase flow laboratory.
MSi Kenny Design, monitoring, control and optimization of oil & gas production and pipeline facilities.
Multiphase Technology, Inc Both laboratory and pilot plant scale multiphase (oil, water, and gas) laboratory flow loops are available.
National University of Singapore Department of Mechanical Engineering offers a course in Flow Assurance, and they also have a multiphase laboratory.
NTNU Norway’s largest technical university, with courses and PhD studies in multiphase flow. Cooperates closely with SINTEF
Ohio University They have an institute for Corrosion and Multiphase Flow Technology.
Petroleum Experts Develops the multiphase steady-state simulation software GAP, which is part of the Integrated Production Modeling Package, which also includes various well simulation software for both 2- and 3-phase flow.
Pipeline Design Solutions Offers consultancy in pipeline hydraulic analysis.
Pipeline Simulation Interest Group PSIG works to facilitate the interchange of information and to advance the state of the art in the areas of modeling, simulation, optimization, transient flow, two phase flow, and related subjects as applied to gas, liquids, and solids pipeline systems. Papers from some of their past conferences are available for free online.
Princeton University The Chemical Engineering-department is involved in theoretical and computational studies on fluid-solid and fluid-fluid multiphase flows and powder flows.
Purdue University Their School of Nuclear Engineering has a laboratory for multiphase flow in channels and porous media.
Schlumberger Their site contains various informative flow assurance brochures and articles. They also sell the PIPESIM steady-state multiphase simulation software.
Simsci-Esscor (Invensys) Develop the steady-state multiphase simulation program PIPEPHASE, which can also integrate with the transient multiphase simulator TACITE as well as the transient multiphase simulator OLGA.
SINTEF SINTEF Wellstream Technology department covers multiphase flow and cold flow technology, including one of the world’s largest and most advanced laboratory for multiphase flow research. They cooperate closely with NTNU.
Southwest Research Institute Laboratory and considerable activities on multiphase pipe flow.
SPT Group Owners and developers of OLGA, the oldest and currently most well-established multiphase transient pipe flow software on the market, as well as several other software tools, including PIPEFLO.
Stanford University The Energy Resources Engineering-department has several activities within multiphase pipe and well flow.
Technion-Israel Institute of Technology Many activities within flow assurance, including a multiphase flow laboratory.
Tel Aviv University Multiphase laboratory and activities in flow assurance.
University College London Their Chemical Engineering department is involved in various multiphase flow activities, including multiphase pipe flow.
University of Houston They offer a flow assurance course as part of their Subsea Engineering Certificate Program.
University of Illinois The Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Department has activities in flow assurance.
University of New Mexico Their Center for High Performance Computing is involved in advanced multiphase pipe flow studies.
University of Texas at Austin Various activities on flow assurance.
University of Tulsa These resourceful researchers have a lot of activities in flow assurance, and they develop TUFFP Pro, a steady-state multiphase simulator integrated into PIPEPHASE and PIPESIM, but also used separately. Both 2- and 3-phase. They have also developed DPDL, a very cheap steady-state simulator coming with a book by Shoham.
Worcester Polytechnic Institute The Multiphase Flow Group is engaged in the development of numerical methods for direct simulations of multiphase flows. They recently published the book ‘Computational Methods for Multiphase Flow’, which also covers useful material about pipe flow.
Xi’an Jiaotong University Laboratory with many activities on multiphase pipe flow.