Particle erosion

Pressure surges

Checking simulation results

There are many manual verification tests one can do to check simulation results. Tests for single-phase liquid and gas flows are outlines in Pipe Flow 1, some published for the first time. Pipe Flow 2 explaines how some of them and various other methods also may be used on multi-phase flow.

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Subsea gas pipeline: Zeepipe simulation

The Zeepipe report

Download the report created in the above Zeepipe-video here.

Subsea gas pipeline transients & rupture

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The books build on the very latest in fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, discrete mathematics, computer sciences, and automation. The main emphasis is on transient single- and multi-phase pipe flow simulations, but steady-state methods are also discussed.

The future

Three-phase flow: Ormen Lange

The Ormen Lange report

Download the reports created in the above Ormen Lange-video here (moderate flow) and here (very low flow).

Flow regime analysis

Considering a career in Flow Assurance?

One thing to keep in mind for anyone who is in the process of making a career choice is that the shortage of skilled engineers in the flow assurance field creates very favorable conditions for those who enter it. In addition, flow assurance offers unique possibilities for value creation while at the same time its complexity and fast development eliminates any risk of stagnation in the foreseeable future. That is undoubtedly a very motivating combination few other fields can match.